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Hungry Bear Cookie Dough Sales has been serving our community since 1999. At Hungry Bear Sales, our mission is to help schools, organizations and nonprofit groups reach their fund raising goals while providing a quality product to those who support your organization.

The Hungry Bear cookie begins with the original recipe of Deryl Bear; “The Perfect Cookie”. The Perfect Cookie, was perfected right here in the Central Valley in 1983. The same “Perfect Cookie” recipe, which includes all natural quality ingredients, real butter and pasteurized eggs, is made and packaged by Wawona Foods locally in Fresno County. Once your order is placed, the cookie dough is made. It is then delivered to the group the day requested for the participant to pick up and deliver.

Our cookie dough is conveniently packaged and sold in three (1 lb. each) rolls per package. The cookies can be sliced and baked when needed, or frozen for up to a year. Since we only use pasteurized ingredients, our dough is safe to eat before baking.

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