A Sweet Fundraising Solution

Our fresh frozen cookie dough is a very popular fundraising program for all school, focus groups and nonprofit organizations in Central California. We specialize in fundraising with representatives that can assist your program.

  • Our packaging comes in 3 one pound frozen rolls (in a sealed bag).
  • There are a variety of flavors to choose from with 2 pack’s that have 3 different flavors.
  • Free sales aids. Our parent letter is available in English and Spanish & we provide brochures, money envelopes and distribution bags.
  • Support Local…Hungry Bear Sales is a local company and manufactured by Wawona Food in Clovis.
  • Locally manufactured means the freshest product will be delivered the day and time requested.
  • Call us to schedule a Taste Demonstration TODAY! (559) 222-8712.

    Questions & Answers

    We have included some commonly asked questions, do not hesitate to call on us directly should you have more.

    Due to COVID 19 and California Department of Public Health Guidelines our kick off rally and prize programs have been suspended until further notice.

    Do you create the prize programs for the fundraiser?
    Yes...we provide a large Inflatible Party and Cash Prizes!
    Do you host or support with the kick off rally?
    Yes, we do a Magic Show Assembly, with our Money Wheel, Money Machine and Cash!
    What does the ordering consist of? Is it paper forms or are there online capabilities?
    We use a single page paper flyer with order form printed on the back. We do not offer online ordering or buyers. We do offer online computer tally for the sponsor.
    What does distribution of the cookie dough look like? Are we responsible for sorting and distribution? Will it come presorted with names on it?
    We only have 6 items, all frozen cookie dough (no sales tax). It's faster to pull the order for each parent as they come to pick up, and verify the order is correct than it is to search the boxes for a student name. Our cookie dough is made at Wawona Foods in Clovis. Our driver will deliver the dough inside and stack it in A,B,C order, on the day and time we schedule. No common carrier trucking company, no curbside delivery. I will be there to help organize the pass out, train parents and stay until we're done. With the frozen cookie dough stacked together, it will stay frozen about 12 hours. One pack of our frozen dough packed in a bag will thaw out in about 30 minutes.
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